Transforming Wine & Liqour Retail

“Enhance efficiency by transitioning from traditional paper tags to Electronic Shelf Lables, thereby streamlining operations within the Indian Liquor Retail industry. This shift not only saves time but also allows for a greater focus on customer engagement, significantly elevating the in-store experience.”

“Adoption of EASY TAGG ESL in the Indian wine and spirits industry, introducing more advanced methods to enhance customer engagement. Their Electronic Shelf Lables are revolutionizing the sector by eliminating the necessity of printing and swapping out paper price tags. These labels facilitate automatic updates of prices, product details, and promotions from a single centralized location.

This ElectronicSmart Lable technology addresses the specific challenges faced by stores specializing in liquor, wine, beer, and other unique beverages in India. It effectively cuts down on the labor involved in changing paper labels, guarantees precise pricing, and significantly improves the overall shopping experience in stores.”

“Our Electronic Smart Shelf Lables are crafted with cutting-edge technology, boasting high-resolution, striking contrast, expansive viewability, and dynamic color displays, all tailored to elevate the in-store customer experience. Seamlessly integrating with your current operational systems, this innovative Electronic Smart Shelf Lables enables real-time updates of pricing directly from the point-of-sale system to the shelf labels, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in retail management.”

Benefits of implementing Electronic Smart Shelf Lables

Minimize Workforce Expenses

The system directly leads to a reduction in the expenses related to manpower for updating prices. Significantly, the process of altering prices is now independent of manpower expenses, enabling store employees to concentrate on different duties. A company is now capable of modifying prices more frequently and from a centralized location, which is integrated with their sales system."


When Electronic Smart Shelf Labels equipped with software are synchronized with the point of sale and inventory management systems, they operate seamlessly in the background. Any modifications in prices, including those for promotions and weekly sale offers, are automatically updated in the digital price tags through the point of sale software, ensuring real-time accuracy in pricing

Customer spotlight

Electronic Smart Shelf Labe in Action

In the Indian industry, TASMAC stands as a prominent entity in the alcohol supply chain. It holds the distinction of being one of the major distributors and retailers of alcoholic beverages across the state. TASMAC operates an extensive network of more than 600 stores and is uniquely authorized to sell alcohol, barring beer, making it the exclusive retail outlet for such products in the state.