“The thought of having to print new shelf labels and manually update each item with paper tags is unimaginable. For us, the most significant benefit was moving away from this labor-intensive process..”

– Owner at Medical Store

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Results and Benefits

Operational Efficiency and Real-Time Updates: ESLs eliminate the need for manual price changes, allowing for real-time updates across all shelves. This ensures pricing accuracy throughout the store, minimizes errors, and enables swift price adjustments during promotions or in response to market changes.

Inventory Management: They provide real-time visibility into stock levels and product availability. This integration with inventory management systems automates stock tracking and alerts for low-stock situations, streamlining the inventory management process, reducing manual labor, minimizing stockouts, and ensuring that essential medications and products are always available

EASYTAGG ESL has launched an ESL solution in India, offering retailers, including pharmacies and medical stores, the ability to wirelessly update content on shelving signages quickly and efficiently. This solution allows for real-time price alterations, monitoring of product information, showcasing promotional discounts, and reducing pricing errors

Early adopters of EASYTAGG ESL solution in India have expressed optimism about its potential to transform retail businesses by facilitating end-to-end solutions for store operation

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“Implementation of the ESL system in our pharmacy led to an immediate reduction in labor costs related to pricing updates. Remarkably, the cost of changing price labels was no longer tied to labor expenses, freeing our employees to concentrate on different tasks within the store.

Inquiring about EASYTAGG ESL technology, the store team was asked if they would recommend it to other pharmacies and medical stores. The Manager responded positively, expressing satisfaction with EASYTAGG ESL team and their technology. They highlighted that the team provided support throughout the installation process. With the implementation of the Electronic Smart Shelf Label, the store’s staff has found them incredibly user-friendly, appreciating the ease of use. This has allowed employees to dedicate more time to assisting customers, significantly improving the store’s service quality.


The most cost-effective solution

“”The implementation of the ESL system revolutionized our product handling and pricing management in the pharmacy. Once it was integrated with our POS system, the tedious task of manually updating prices became obsolete,” explains the Manager. “Our staff now dedicates their time to enhancing the store’s appearance, ensuring shelves are well-stocked, and providing personalized assistance to our customers during their shopping and checkout experiences.”

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