Transforming Retail

EASYTAGG ESL Leads the Way with Electronic Shelf Labels in India’s Market. Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) offer retailers numerous benefits in the retail sector, enhancing both operational efficiency and customer experience.

Bconz International developed EASYTAGG ESL solutions for retailers to transform their retail business. Our state-of-the-art Electronic SmartShelf  labels enable retail businesses with

Dynamic Pricing Flexibility: ESLs allow retailers to change prices in real-time, which is crucial for implementing dynamic pricing strategies, responding to competitor pricing, or updating prices for promotions and discounts.

Labor Cost Reduction: By automating the process of updating prices, ESLs significantly reduce the labor hours required for manually changing paper price labels, thereby saving on labor costs.

Increased Pricing Accuracy: ESLs minimize human errors associated with manual price tagging. This leads to more accurate pricing, reducing discrepancies between shelf and checkout prices and enhancing customer trust.

Enhanced Customer Experience: ESLs can display much more than just prices. They can show QR codes, promotions, product information, and stock levels, thereby providing a richer shopping experience for customers.


Improved Inventory Management: Integration with inventory management systems allows ESLs to display real-time stock levels on shelves, aiding in efficient inventory management and reducing the risk of stockouts.

Time Efficiency: Updating prices with ESLs is almost instantaneous, allowing retailers to react quickly to market changes or initiate promotions without the delay associated with manual tagging.

Benefits of ESL Implementation


Omnichannel Integration: ESLs can be integrated with online pricing, ensuring consistency across online and offline channels, which is vital for omnichannel retail strategies. Reduced Shrinkage: Accurate pricing reduces losses due to price mismatches at checkout, decreasing overall shrinkage in retail operations.

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Better Customer Service

With staff spending less time on manual pricing, they can focus more on customer service and other value-added activities. Future-Proofing Retail: As part of the broader trend towards digitalization and smart retail solutions, ESLs prepare retailers for future technological integrations and innovations.

Customer spotlight

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Electronic Smart Shelf Label in Action

Overall, ESLs represent a significant advancement in retail technology, offering a range of benefits that streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and contribute to a more sustainable and efficient retail environment.