The Results

Hours Saved

Annual Saving


“I can’t imagine implementation of the electronic shelf label result to such extent labor expense reduction.”

– Store Manager at Fresh Market

In the client context

Results and Benefits

  • Quick adaptation to pricing fluctuations
  • Reduced time allocated to in-store tasks freeing up resources for additional operations,
  • Savings on labor costs, improved customer satisfaction, and
  • EASYTAGG’s commitment to rapid response and customer contentment.”

“The family has long been involved in the dynamic grocery industry of Karnataka, inaugurating their first store that proudly bears their family name. By 2020, Fresh Market earned the distinction of being named the ‘Best’ among independent grocery stores.”

"Implementation of the system led to an immediate reduction in labor costs related to pricing changes. With electronic pricing label updates now independent of labor costs, our employees were able to dedicate their time to other important tasks within the store."

When EASYTAGG inquired with the team about recommending their technology to other retailers, the store manager responded, “We’re very satisfied with EASYTAGG and their innovative solution. Their team provided excellent support during the installation, and now, with the electronic price labels in place, our staff appreciates the ease of use. It allows our employees more time to focus on assisting customers, enhancing our overall service quality.”


“A Budget-Friendly Approach”

“Store Manager from Fresh Market shares, ‘The Electronic Shelf Label system streamlined our ability to introduce new products and manage pricing efficiently. After integrating it with our POS system, the need for manual price changes was eliminated. Our team can now concentrate on enhancing the store’s appearance, keeping shelves stocked, and providing dedicated customer service during shopping and checkout.'”

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